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Have you been suffering with feelings of:

  • fear or anxiety?
  • feeling overwhelmed and stuck?
  • sleeplessness?
  • holding onto past traumas or patterns?


It’s easy to ignore these things, but after a while things build up and start impacting on other areas of your life, like your relationships. You may feel you have stopped enjoying life or that you’re in a bit of a ‘vicious cycle’.


Participating in this therapy can help to calm your mind and support you in addressing unhelpful patterns of behaviour fairly quickly.  Clients say they enjoy the sessions and find them SO relaxing.


I wonder if you’re ready to make some changes?  If so, just book a free, no obligation Discovery session now.  

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The approach I use draws on  a number of practical, modern and well-researched therapies that help you to make significant, positive changes in your life in a relatively short period of time.  Clients say they enjoy the sessions and find them relaxing – and love the flexibility of working via Zoom.


Rather than look at the issue that brought you to me, together we look at what you want to achieve.  It is a powerful way make improvements to your life, or address issues that concern you…

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Solutions Focused
Clinical Hypnotherapy

Relaxing and
enjoyable sessions

This therapy helps to deeply relax you and clear your mind

Leading Solutions Focused Therapist & Coach

Are you struggling with an issue in your life? Has something happened that has made it difficult for you to cope? Do things get in the way of you leading the life that you would like – you lack the confidence to change career, you have a phobia of flying or speaking in public.? Or, are you just finding it difficult to sleep, feeling frustrated, angry, or just generally ‘stressed out’?

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Online Sessions

Let’s connect via Zoom for our therapy sessions… it’s really easy & quick to set up

High Stress Levels?

Hypnotherapy can help you to deeply relax and clear your mind.

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Anger & Relationships

Recognising the cycle of relationships & anger management can be difficult.. let us help


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Let’s make some positive changes…

Why wait to feel better? This therapy can help with a wide range of issues   It can also help you to understand:

      • how your brain reacts
      • why you may feel the way you do
      • what you can do about it

Imagine being able to let go of unhelpful patterns of behaviour, or process traumatic events, without having to discuss the past in detail?  Leaving you free to work on your best hopes for today, tomorrow and the rest of your life.   Why not take the first step and book a FREE Discovery session. Find out more about how this therapy can help you kickstart change and 3 steps you can take straight away that will help.

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