Stress & Insomnia

Stress & Insomnia

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If you don’t have enough sleep, it can reduce your energy and productivity, lower your immunity and make you more prone to mistakes, as well as gain in weight.


Hypnotherapy helps with deep relaxation and to clear your mind. It also helps you to manage your stress more effectively so that you can get a good night’s sleep.


A small amount of stress can motivate you to perform well, but if stress is constant and has gradually increased over time, causing problems such as irritability, low energy, difficulty in concentrating or frequent headaches, then now is the time to act. If you’re eating or drinking more than you’d like, because you feel ‘stressed’ every day, then hypnosis can help you to process any issues and relax. It’s a very positive and enjoyable way to clear your head and feel in control.


Even if you identify with being a ‘poor sleeper’ and feel it’s just one of those things … your behaviour/habits can change.


If you constantly ‘over think’, or can’t switch off, find it difficult getting to sleep, or keep waking up in the night at a similar time, then I can help you to let go of your worries and get a good night’s sleep!


Hypnosis Can Improve Deep Sleep


In one study, Swiss researchers measured the effects of hypnosis on sleep by monitoring the brain activity of a group of young, healthy women as they took a 90-minute nap after listening to a hypnotic suggestion tape. A chosen portion of the group spent 80 percent more time in slow-wave sleep after listening to the hypnosis tape than they did after listening to a neutral spoken text. ‘The results may be of major importance for patients with sleep problems and for older adults’ said lead researcher, Maren Cordi or the University of Zurich. “In contrast to many sleep-inducing drugs, hypnosis has no adverse side effects.”

Cordi MJ, Schlarb AA, Rasch B. Deepening sleep by hypnotic suggestion. SLEEP 2014;37(6):1143-1152.


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Solutions Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy can effectively help with these issues and many more.  It can also help you to understand:

  • how your brain reacts
  • why you may feel the way you do
  • what you can do about it

People often think of hypnotherapy as something weird and mystical that is ‘done to them’.  Whereas, although it’s powerful,  trance is something you do regularly, when you daydream watching TV, or when you drive somewhere and don’t remember how you got there.  During sessions you remain completely in control and there is nothing to be worried about at all!  Why not take the first step and book a FREE strategy session focused on your issue. Learn why you feel like you do and 3 steps you can take straight away that will help.

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