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Today more and more women are confused about how best to tackle the menopause.


What is it?  Simply the time when a woman stops having periods because her ovaries have no eggs left.  However, symptoms can start much earlier in some women – up to 10 years before their periods stop.



Many women do not even consider the menopause and the impact it may have on them, until they experience symptoms. It isn’t spoken about openly very much at all! The number and level of symptoms vary from woman to woman.  Many people know about hot flushes and night sweats, but did you know that anxiety and sleeplessness can be part of the menopause?  Other symptoms can include: mood swings, brain fog, joint pain and lack of confidence, even things like intense tingling/itching under the skin have been reported as issues too.



‘no other stage of a woman’s life has as much potential for understanding and tapping into woman’s power as menopause, if a woman is able to negotiate her way through the general cultural negativity that has surrounded the menopause for centuries’. Dr Christiane Northrup.


But what can you do about it?  Recents studies have shown that if we change our attitudes to the menopause and calm our anxiety, we quickly experience improvements in our overall wellbeing – helping with sleep, mood, confidence and hot flushes.


Research has shown that using this combination of therapies can result in significant reduction in hot flushes and the paced 7/11 breathing I use with my clients also reduces hot flushes, including how often they occur and how severe they are.  It may also help to decrease anxiety, lower blood pressure and promote relaxation.


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