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Confidence is an attitude of mind. Fear, or lack of confidence, is all about uncertainty – you might even think that feeling self-conscious or anxious is just naturally how you are. But, at some point, you have learned to feel this way; even if it was so long ago that you cannot remember why or how. The good news is that anything you have learned, can also be unlearned!


Once you have done something enough for the uncertainty to mostly disappear, the fear disappears too. But that leaves a big problem. What if you’re so scared to do something you can’t even get started? Or what if it’s not the sort of thing you can practise? You can address any thoughts that may have weakened your confidence and lowered your self-esteem and replace these with better, more helpful thoughts. This is where hypnotherapy comes in – it helps you to build a ‘bridge’ from where you are now to where you want to be – doing what you want to do comfortably.


Hypnotherapy can help you to:


  • feel more sociable and outgoing.
  • develop good, positive feelings.
  • step outside your ‘comfort-zone’.
  • develop a better, healthier self-image.
  • relax and enjoy the company of others.


Hypnotherapy is a natural state of focused relaxation and concentration, which many people find enjoyable. If you’re ready to change, get in touch with me now to see how I can help.


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Solutions Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy can effectively help with these issues and many more.  It can also help you to understand:

  • how your brain reacts
  • why you may feel the way you do
  • what you can do about it

People often think of hypnotherapy as something weird and mystical that is ‘done to them’.  Whereas, although it’s powerful,  trance is something you do regularly, when you daydream watching TV, or when you drive somewhere and don’t remember how you got there.  During sessions you remain completely in control and there is nothing to be worried about at all! Why not take the first step and book a FREE build your confidence strategy session. Learn why you feel like you do and 3 steps you can take straight away that will help

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