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Quit Smoking

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A great number of people find using hypnotherapy to stop smoking an effective treatment.


Even back in the 90s the New Scientist said ‘Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit’.


You already know how destructive cigarettes are for your health. But have you chosen to ‘gloss over’ all of the negative aspects and justify it to yourself? Maybe you think smoking relaxes you – it doesn’t, nicotine is a stimulant! The addictive effect will probably trick you into feeling temporarily more relaxed, but this can only be sustained if you continue to smoke. As a smoker you may progressively become more stressed and anxious as you grow older and you have an 80% higher chance of suffering from severe depression or severe clinical anxiety in middle to old age than a non-smoker.


You may think it will be hard to give up due to your addiction – but most scientists agree that the physical addiction to nicotine is really low – some say as low as 10% and the rest of the ‘addiction’ is in your mind. Therefore, you need to change you mind! It’s easier than you think – you just need to make a definite decision to stop smoking. Working with me in this two-hour session helps to remind you about what may have encouraged you to smoke, what has been keeping you smoking and supports you in moving forward as a non-smoker.


If you are truly are ready to stop smoking now – get in touch now. If you aren’t sure – please don’t waste your money. Your mind is very powerful and, although I can really help you – you need to be ready to work with me.


In the meantime, if you feel frustrated that you smoke, start to really look at all of the terrible statistics about how smoking affects your health. Also create a document or spreadsheet where you detail how much you will spend on cigarettes in a week, month, year, 2 years, 5 years and 10 years – and think what else you could buy with that money. Facing up to the reality of what smoking means to you and those who are close to you will help your motivation to give up. Many people who continue to smoke are in denial about the facts. In the end – it’s your life and it’s up to you!!


How Can I Help?

Hypnotherapy works by helping to break the negative behaviours and thinking patterns associated with smoking. People often find changing how they think about something difficult. But, when they understand how thoughts and behaviours are formed in the brain and how these are often what is preventing them from giving up, many people are able to break the habit.


The key indicator of success is obviously being absolutely sure you really do want to stop smoking. Being clear about your reasons is really helpful too. Hypnotherapy works by putting you into a deeply relaxed state, when your subconscious mind is more open to suggestion – your mind will be more receptive to believing that you do not need or want to smoke. Why not take the first step in helping you to move forward and book a FREE strategy session.


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Solutions Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy can effectively help with these issues and many more.  It can also help you to understand:

  • how your brain reacts
  • why you may feel the way you do
  • what you can do about it

People often think of hypnotherapy as something weird and mystical that is ‘done to them’.  Whereas, although it’s powerful,  trance is something you do regularly, when you daydream watching TV, or when you drive somewhere and don’t remember how you got there.  During sessions you remain completely in control and there is nothing to be worried about at all!  Why not take the first step and book a FREE strategy session focused on your issue. Learn why you feel like you do and 3 steps you can take straight away that will help

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